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Mulhouse Cite de l'Automobile front gate

Mulhouse City of the Automobile: Or What I did On My Holiday

Inopian and it`s soldiers do not normally write about tourism. This is a notable exception. The place? Mulhouse in Alsace, France. The purpose? To visit the French National Motor Museum. Objective complete. [...]

September 2, 2015 Hottest news, Magazine
Fast & Furious 6

Fast & Furious 6 (2013) – Review

There are not many films that made it over 3 parts. Certain films like Rambo have tried to make a comeback but it just didn’t work. On the other hand we have films that have been so successful they went [...]

October 8, 2014 Entertainment, Movie Reviews, Videos & Movie Reviews
Fast & Furious 4

Fast & Furious 4 (2009) – Review

Hot weather, Dominican Republic, gasoline tank truck and well known guys heading to hijack the tank. The main lover partners Dom and Letty are driving so called “the Darth Vader car” Buick GNX. Right after the adrenaline action, Dominic suspects [...]

October 1, 2014 Entertainment, Movie Reviews, Videos & Movie Reviews
Drive Angry poster

Drive Angry (2011) – Review

‘I don’t think your Grandmother will like it that much,’ says Amber Heard, who plays one of the main characters, in the movie Drive Angry. Did she mean the violent language, gunfire, satanic elements or the silicone accessories? What we [...]

September 16, 2014 Entertainment, Movie Reviews, Videos & Movie Reviews