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Marcos Cars 1959-2002 history by pyntofmyld yellow rear side

Marcos Cars 1959-2002: Uncertain Future Classic

Jem Marsh was born Jeremy George Weston Marsh in Clifton, Bristol on 15th April 1930. An inspired engineer and an accomplished racing driver, he became a constructor in 1959. He formed a partnership with designer Frank Costin and so MARsh [...]

April 13, 2016 By type, Cars, Coupe/Convertible, Europe, Marcos Cars, United Kingdom
AC Ace 1953-1963 by Rex Gray

AC Ace 1953 – 1963

About Specs 1952 AC started work on an all-new sports-car, the Ace. It did not, however, start as `all-new`. AC wanted a chassis that was light and strong, they turned to John Tojeiro to design it. `Toj`, as he was [...]

March 12, 2015 AC Cars, Ace, By country of origin, By type, Cars, Coupe/Convertible, Europe, United Kingdom
Alpine A110 by Thomas Bersy

Alpine Automobiles (1955-1995): Le Lotus Francais

Founded by Jean Redele in Dieppe, France, after much competition success with Renault-based cars. Alpine had several `signature` features that continued throughout the company`s life. Alpine`s long collaboration with Renault finally led to Renault`s take-over of Alpine in 1974, in [...]

January 16, 2015 Alpine Automobiles, By country of origin, Cars, Europe, France
Jaguar D-type 1954-1957 by Jaguar MENA

Jaguar D-Type 3.4 1954 – 1957

About Specs For the 1954 season Jaguar rolled out the eye-catching and revolutionary D-type. Apart from the power-train, disc brakes and running gear it was a totally new concept. Many of the design team had spent the war years designing [...]

December 4, 2014 By country of origin, By type, Cars, Coupe/Convertible, D-Type, Europe, Jaguar, United Kingdom
Jaguar C-type 1951-1953

Jaguar C-type XK120C 1951 – 1953: First 100MPH average speed at LeMans

About Specs In 1951 Jaguar decided to exploit the huge success of the XK120 by producing a purpose-built racing car. Originally named XK120C the car quickly became known as the C type. This was Jaguar`s first foray into serious competition. [...]

November 14, 2014 By country of origin, By type, C-Type, Cars, Coupe/Convertible, Europe, Jaguar, United Kingdom
W. O. Bentley

W. O. Bentley 1888 – 1971

Walter Owen Bentley MBE (known universally as W. O.) was the man behind the flying B. Even after bad luck, betrayal and mistreatment he had created something very special, something that would inspire future generation. [...]

September 22, 2014 Magazine, People