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Land-Rover Defender: The End Of The Line, Or Is It?

Phillip Roberts 26. February 2015 Hottest news, Magazine, Videos & Movie Reviews No Comments

By now the world has heard the sad news that the faithful servant, the mud-slaying Land-Rover Defender is going out of production.  According to Land-Rover it is very outdated and is going to be replaced by a 21st century 4×4.

The Defender was actually supposed to be discontinued in 2013 but as with the Porsche 911, the following for this 68 year old off-road vehicle was so huge that the fans demanded it to continue. Now in 2015 Land-Rover had definitely announced that no more Defenders will be produced. At least not in the United Kingdom. We shall see about that.

To celebrate the Defender’s retirement Land-Rover had their celebrity off-roaders make a 1 km long sand-drawing on the Anglesey beach, paying respect to the car’s designer Maurice Wilks. Wilks`  first design was drawn at the same place, where he showed the outline of the now famous Land-Rover Series 1 to his brother,  drawn in the sand.

To show respect to the Land-Rover fans and enthusiasts, they have bought one very old Series 1 from a group of friends to secretly restore it and let it live once again. Watch the video below to see what happened.

Although the heater never worked, the doors rarely fitted and you couldn’t hear yourself think, the Land-Rover Defender is a much loved cult car that will be sincerely missed.

Photo: © Jaguar-Land-Rover

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