Tuesday 19th February 2019,

Our Team

Phillip Roberts - Chief Editor at InopianPhillip Roberts

Chief Editor

As a little boy my Dad always told me stories about the glorious days of automotive pioneering and days when classics were common. This has influenced me in such an effect I have become a helpless petrol-head.

Email: phill@inopian.com
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Lucia Drew Ondrisova - Director of Photography at InopianLucia “Drew” Ondrisova

Director of Photography

Ever since I first drove an E30 I became a car fan almost instantly. I wanted to build something interesting in this manner and since I don’t know how to build cars but I can pose for pictures, photography was the answer.

Email: drew@inopian.com
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Petra Divekyova - IT Director at InopianPetra Divekyova

IT Director

I am a confirmed, uncurrable web, technology, social media, networking and wordpress enthusiast. In other words an IT nut constantly interested in everything interesting.

Email: petra@inopian.com
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Maria Petrikova - Graphic Designer & Marketing CreativeMaria Petrikova

Graphic Designer & Marketing Creative

With a creative mindset and loads of innovative ideas, online marketing oriented as well as enthusiastic photographer I might become your next action hero :) Becoming an Inopian member I am looking forward to making you happy with what you will see on our web page.

Email: maria@inopian.com
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