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How to check your tyres

Phillip Roberts 23. September 2014 Dirty hands, Magazine No Comments

How often do you check your tyres? Our guess is: not very often. So do us a favor and when you finish reading this article, watching the video and you will be heading to your motor to set off home, give them a look around and check your today’s destiny.

It is very dangerous to drive on bald tyres. Let me repeat that; It is very, I mean very, dangerous to drive on bald tyres or even deflated or cracked tyres. Sometimes even if you have good tread but fake quality, you can still risk your life.

An easy trick is in the video below: all you need to do is find yourself a coin that has approximately 3 mm mark (like a 20p or 5 Euro Cents) and shove it between the tread lines. If it’s any lower than your 3 mm mark it’s time to change them.

Bald tyres may drive “OK” but at least in the Northern Hemisphere autumn is here and you will probably see a little more rain than you did these couple of months. If the tread line is less than 3 mm water on the road will have less space to escape from and will try to lift your wheels off the road. Water will be underneath your tyres and you will lose grip. And once you do… you know what’s next.

Under-inflated tyres are also dangerous. If you have less air in your tyres than you should, as they roll, immense heat will be created from the friction of the rubber against asphalt which can on long distance trips evolve into burning rubber.

Such a thing happened to me some years back when I was a novice driver and didn’t have enough money to pay for a full set of Michelin or Bridgestone. So, I bought some cheap tyres instead which later I found did not have texture nor wire ribbing inside. As I was into my 300 mile trip on a hot summer’s day in the fast lane of an Austrian motorway, suddenly white smoke started to enter the car from the boot to the cabin. I immediately stopped on the hard shoulder to put out the fire and assess the damage.

By the time I stopped the car it was all over and the tyre was as good as confetti. Thankfully the car didn’t catch fire. When I wanted to take the wheel off I burned my hands as it was still very very hot. I had a good spare-wheel and so I changed the wheel and continued my trip, but after that I am always very cautious about tyres.

So back to you: don’t forget to check them with a coin and every time you fill up check your pressures too.


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