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Fast & Furious 6 (2013) – Review

There are not many films that made it over 3 parts. Certain films like Rambo have tried to make a comeback but it just didn’t work. On the other hand we have films that have been so successful they went on and on until people stopped watching them. Sometimes it’s best to leave it alone when the fame is at its top so that it will be remembered as one of the best. Is this the case for the all mighty Fast & Furious 6?

The Inopian team just had to go to see the new Fast & Furious 6 film. We arrived at the cinema a bit sooner thinking that there will be a lot of inpatient petrol hungry BMW 316i owners waiting to see some proper car action. Surprisingly half of the cinema was empty. The lights went out and here we go:

(spoiler alert)

Opening started with something that seemed to be a race between a Challenger and a GTR on very narrow costal roads. It turned out to be a race of getting to Mia ASAP as she was just giving birth. And they were going fast. It’s not so often you get an impression from a film how fast they are actually going. Here, I almost made a mark in my pants just by watching.

At the same time, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was busy trying to figure out how an outlaw could park his car on the third floor of a side of a historical Moscow building. Scratching his proportionally small bold head he decides to ask the Furious Family for help. His main puller for Dom and the gang who are busy enjoying their stolen money is that Letty is alive. Yes, you heard me, Letty didn’t explode with the Chevelle, she was just thrown away by the blast and ended up with re-formatting her hard drive. (brain – for those who didn’t figure it out ;)

Dom, still in love with her, took on the job to chase down an ex SAS criminal Shaw who was an expert on vehicle warfare. So they learned, trying to catch them in a few V10 M5’s. Shaw drove something that reminds you of a formula but steel, nicely shaped to flip any ongoing car. The chase was at night so it was dark and the BMW’s were of course black. So you could barely see any action. Black on black with blue xenon lights moving around London. Not impressed. BMWs were fast enough, but Shaw is a criminal that stole Electro-bla-bla something that can deactivate any electronic system to destroy the whole world. So his gang just programmed a computer that locked the BMWs front wheel and put it off the road. Easy…

Assumption was to get non electronic cars. Something technically primitive and fast. And here the ‘shopping’ starts for 1 Dodge Daytona, 1969 White Pony, and an MKI Escort RS. There are many more but not so important since you only get a glance of them in the film. Dom immediately decides to look for Letty and have a good old race. Letty is driving one amazing Jensen Interceptor. Before I will continue, let me just tell you something about this not so famous British car. Many people out of UK are unaware that there was a car manufacturer called Jensen who made cars that were a great handler and decided to use US’s best; V8 engine. So imagine a car that handles like a proper British sports car with an American V8 Chrysler engine. If you want to read more, if there is not yet an article on our website about Jensen, there will soon be one.

Never mind, Letty and Dom are racing around London. Dom of course wins in the Daytona. Must have been just because of the story because there is no way a Daytona can even keep up with a Jensen around twisty London streets. Then they talk about his past with her, because of course she now works for Shaw and has no memory. He was lucky she didn’t kill him…

The story moves to Spain where Shaw is planning to steel another microchip for his business. And this is where ridiculous starts to add up. One Tank, one motorway, 2000 bhp in-between the Furious gang, and demolition of about 200 cars in the way. A white 69 Mustang was used as an anchor for the tank that was hanging from a bridge tied with a cable made out of Superman’s hair. The Stang got caught up with a pillar and flipped the tank on its roof. Ridiculous? Not yet…

The final chase was even better. It involved a giant army airplane landing and picking up Shaw. The gang chased them on the runway and who managed to get onto the plane started a 15 minute fight with Shaw and his gorilla, with who even Dwayne had problems. The others in two Land Rovers and a Charger SRT were hooked up on the plane wings hanging like puppets and fighting the badies in the meantime. I said 15 minutes, where do you find a runway that long? The plane got up in the air to about 10 meters. How fast did it have to go to unstick itself from the runway? How could the poor old Land Rovers keep up? Ridiculous is the word you are looking for. And just to nail it down, Brian saves the day by catching them in an Alfa Giulietta.

To give you a last piece of hint as to where the story will most likely go, it ends with Tokyo Drift scene and Jason Statham as Shaw’s brother wanting revenge. We’ll see if the producers of Fast & Furious and The Transporter will come together for even more auto-excess.

Overall the film was as it should be. Moving the boundaries of car lunacy to where ever imagination can go. But, hey, isn’t that what Fast & Furious is all about? Where else if not in F&F you will see crazy stunts, great cars and a back-up story just to save couple of quid on fuel? So, if you have managed to exhaust yourself enough to read this review to the end and are biting your nails for some crazy four-wheel action, I recommend you watch it. These days you can see the film anywhere on your lap top, iPad even iPhone, so let’s be fair… if you won’t like it the worse you can say is that you’ve wasted two hours of your life. And if you do… well, let’s get the next one in soon.

Interesting Facts:
1. The Dodge Daytona was actually the Dodge Charger they used in the previous films.
2. Denis McCarthy said they’ve destroid all of the BMW M5′s at one point or another in the film.
3. The M5′s are not actually M5′s.
4. Film was supposed to be called only Furious 6. Later the studios decided to market the film as Fast & Furious.

Cars (only the most impressive):
1969 Dodge Daytona
2010 BMW M5 E60
1969 Ford Mustang
1974 Ford Escort RS2000 MKI
2012 Dodge Chrager SRT-8
2010 Alfa Romeo Giulietta
1971 Jensen Interceptor MKIII
2010 Land Rover Defender
2011 Nissan GTR
2012 Dodge Challenger RT

Cars ***** Girls ** Action ***** Sanity -1*

Directed By:
Justin Lin

Written By:
Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson

Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto
Paul Walker as Brian O’Conner (R.I.P.)
Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Hobbs
Jordana Brewster as Mia
Michelle Rodriguez as Letty
Tyrese Gibson as Roman
Sung Kang as Han
Ludacris as Tej
Luke Evans as Shaw

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