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Drive Angry (2011) – Review

‘I don’t think your Grandmother will like it that much,’ says Amber Heard, who plays one of the main characters, in the movie Drive Angry. Did she mean the violent language, gunfire, satanic elements or the silicone accessories? What we know is that this film is a combination of `over the top effects`, blood and snot, raving V8 muscle and plain cool.

Spoiler Alert!

The movie opens with a chase between John Milton driving a purple Riviera and three guys in a Ford pickup. Here the camera works in really slow motion spitting grit into your 3D RayBans.

If you are looking for a good example of the word cool, watch the behaviour of the main character Milton played by Nicolas Cage. Cage is one of those actors, whose ironic acting shows in his unforgettable roles. Milton is an escaped dead man from hell looking for revenge for the killing of his grandchild, who was kidnapped by Jonah King (Billy Burke), the leader of a Satanic cult. The story produces a beautiful girl wearing short pants and driving the most beautiful 1969 Charger, Piper (Amber Heard). She is a bad-ass chick who left her job at a local bistro, crushing the nuts of her boss on the way out. Just so you have a picture of this blond character.

On the way home her Charger broke down and how ‘lucky’ she was to meet Milton, who fixed the car and let Piper drive him to the city. Since Piper came home earlier than usual, she found her boyfriend in the middle of sex with another girl.  Getting into a fight with her boyfriend brings Milton back to rescue her. She, Milton and the Charger, are now chasing the satanic cult and escaping from the Police and the man who carries an FBI ID and calls himself the ‘Accountant’. The role of the accountant is the most unforgettable of all when he (William Fichtner) is driving a truck ready to crash into a police barricade grooving to ‘That’s the way aha aha I like it’, flipping the truck on a side and exiting through the door.

You probably won’t forget the extraordinary sex scene with Milton and the waitress of the pub `Bull Balls` either, where Piper and Milton stop for a drink. Milton fully dressed, drinking whiskey and smoking a cigar, plays cool while having the blonde silicone waitress doing `night exercise` movements. Then the camera goes into slow motion when some hell-pilots crash into the room intending to kill him. Bullets are flying around but Milton stays calm and shoots everybody around him while covering the naked waitress and still doing his job. Putting it in her words: ”He was shooting, while we were f***ing.. has it ever happened to you?’ Just say it, has it?”

What I really enjoy about this film is the Charger’s realistic engine sound and of course the matt black design. So we have Riviera, Charger and surprise, surprise.. two beauties called SS (the almighty red Chevelle and a blue Camaro). The red one became Cage’s favourite and stars in the ludicrously over the top ending having the arsenal of Omaha Beach fired at it. To give you a picture how much over the top this film is… Milton ends his fight with hundreds of dead bodies around drinking beer from a skull. At the end you will also meet a Chevrolet One-Fifty with Milton’s ending words: ‘Even in hell, there is and always be compassion..’ driving back to hell playing song ‘I’m still alive’.

Well, I must say, I like this over the top fight of good against evil. Don’t try to find sense or sanity in it. The cars are the stars and everything else is not serious. Let’s put it this way. When you want to watch something with cars, and you don’t want to think while doing it, this is the ultimate film to see.

Interesting facts:
1. One of the reasons why Nicolas Cage chose this movie is, that he wanted to play in a 3D movie to be part of the new technology
2. The Charger has on it’s plate written DRVAGRY, if you noticed ;)
3. John Milton is the same name of character played by Al Pacino in Devil’s Advocate

1964 Buick Riviera
1969 Dodge Charger R/T (440 Engine)
1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454
1969 Chevrolet Camaro SS
1957 Chevrolet One-Fifty

Our Rating: Cars **** Girls ** Action **** Sanity -5*

Directed By:
Patrick Lussier

Written By:
Todd Farmer, Patrick Lussier

Nicolas Cage as John Milton
Amber Heard as Piper
William Fichtner as The Accountant
Billy Burke as Jonah King
David Morse as Webster
Katy Mixon as Norma Jean
Charlotte Ross as Candy

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