Monday 22nd July 2019,

Donate Pictures

Dear INOPIAN reader, we are looking for picture donations. Some of the cars that we have are missing some nice pics. Most difficult to find are interiors and engine bays. We would like to kindly ask you to donate a picture or two to help us build this beautiful encyclopedia of cars and save them from oblivion.

We can, however, only offer you a nice spot in our Photographers page and appropriate credit for your work on the picture/photo itself. We will never sell your picture to anyone nor let anyone knowingly use it. If this sounds alright to you please read the below IMPORTANT note and you can shoot it our way.

IMPORTANT: You can only share your own work. This cannot be someone else’s picture. By sending us a picture you disclaim the picture being solely your property and give INOPIAN the right of use for sharing on INOPIAN or its derivative pages. INOPIAN has no right to commercially use your work for any monetary purposes.

If you agree with the IMPORTANT note above please feel free to send us your picture via email to

INOPIAN thanks you so much for any help you can provide