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ken block gymkhana-5 san francisco

Ken Block’s Gymkhana 5: Reminiscence of Bullitt in San Francisco

When Ken Block was wild in the streets of L.A. in his Hoonigan Ford Mustang we wrote about it along with the rest of the world. A lot of people are forgetting that Ken used to do more of these [...]

April 1, 2016 Entertainment, Hottest news, Magazine, Videos & Movie Reviews
China s levitating car mystery solved

China’s Levitating Cars Mystery Solved

With cars, you never know what can happen. The Chinese X-File case was clear proof of it too. At an intersection in Xingtai apparently three cars were lifted up into the air, making them look like levitating, by some mysterious [...]

March 29, 2016 Entertainment, Videos & Movie Reviews
Mercedes Benz Christmas Ads Baking Cookies AMG

Top 5 Christmas Car Commercials: Santa Has Reindeer Power

We love Car commercials and since Christmas is slowly but surely coming we decided to give you the 5 best car ads of the Christmas season. Funnily enough, so far there are no new Christmas commercials for this year yet [...]

November 23, 2015 Entertainment, Videos & Movie Reviews
Aston Martin Rear by Adam Winstone maroon burgundy detail shot wallpaper

10 Best Car Desktop Wallpapers by Adam Winstone – Interview

Dear readers and Inopians, we have just kicked off our new section with Desktop Wallpapers for you to download. We have picked the ten best pictures taken by 25 year old photographer Adam Winstone from Torquay. Hence his pseudonym on [...]

May 4, 2015 Magazine, Wallpapers
Furious 7 1970 Dodge Charger Off Road

Dennis McCarthy: Off-Road Dodge Charger and Furious 7

Have you ever wondered who builds all the star-cars for film car chases? Let me introduce you to Mr. Dennis McCarthy, the man behind the Fast and Furious franchise from Tokyo Drift right up to the latest Furious 7. [...]

April 24, 2015 Hottest news, Magazine, People, Videos & Movie Reviews
50 Years Of Fun Poster

50 Years Of Fun Behind The Scenes: Ford Mustang Drift-Mania

To commemorate the legend’s 50th anniversary this year, Ford Performance took eight heavily modified Ford Mustangs and went out for a blast. The result was `50 Years Of Fun`, a video dedicated to the tyre-burning drift-mania in full blown American [...]

April 20, 2015 Entertainment, Magazine, Videos & Movie Reviews
April Fools Day Prank Hyundai with man sticking out

5 Best April Fool’s Day Car Prank Videos

Today is April 1st and you know what that means. Time for 5 best car prank videos we found on Youtube. Some of them are pretty horrible, some are very funny and some quite dangerous. However, their only purpose is [...]

April 1, 2015 Entertainment, Magazine, Videos & Movie Reviews
Jaguar XJ220 1992-1994 rear spoiler silver and jaguar logo

Jaguar XJ220 1992-1994: The Full Documentary

Although it is not the best quality video, it is very interesting. Below is the full story in a documentary about the Jaguar XJ220 with interviews, factory footage and track runs. According to the author of the video on Youtube, [...]

March 25, 2015 Entertainment, Videos & Movie Reviews
Chevrolet V8 Small Block picture with original cam covers

Chevy V8 Small-Block Rebuild by Hagerty Under 4 Minutes

Would you like to see a Chevy Small-block being rebuilt from scratch in just less than 4 minutes? Well you are in for a treat here. Hagerty has shot a time-lapse video to celebrate the Small-Block’s 60th anniversary and speeded [...]

March 22, 2015 Entertainment, Hottest news, Magazine, Videos & Movie Reviews
guerlain chicherit backflip tignes 2013 by andy parant 2

5 Insanely crazy car jumps: Car stunts on another level

1. Guerlain Chicherit’s Longest Car Jump Attempt This must surely be the most scary video of all crazy car jumps. A French skier and rally driver Guerlain Chicherit attempted to beat the world record of the longest car jump back [...]

March 9, 2015 Entertainment, Magazine, Videos & Movie Reviews