Monday 22nd July 2019,


Welcome to INOPIAN!
In case you haven’t found out already, we are THE page about cars and all things automotive. That is immediately obvious though. What is not so obvious is our intended purpose and why we have worked so hard to please you, our reader. This page contains articles where you will find history, reviews, humour, maybe a story to go with it, basic specs and nice real pictures by people like you. Our articles are all unique.

People like you write these articles. They want to share their experience and personal “subjective” views of the cars they either like or owned. Photographers are people like you, that have been out there taking pictures at various shows, on the streets and have contributed to build this amazing website. Imagine your father or grandfather telling you stories about the cars he has owned over the years with just a bit more expertise and detail. Everyone that has ever contributed is called an INOPIAN and will be forever displayed as the author on our website. We also have a `books` section in our articles.     If you would like to read more, have a look through. In addition to articles we have an events section. Anyone can submit any motoring event anywhere. We would like to have all the events around the globe, so please, if you have such information don’t hesitate to submit it to our page so that others don’t have to spend hours searching through Google. There is more: Videos, Wallpapers etc.

Our main objective is to build a site where you will be able to find every car that has ever been made. And this can only be done with your help. People around the world contribute articles and we are open to anyone who would like to write an article or two, as many as you like.  You will help to pass on heritage to anyone that comes along. Just contact us.

INOPIAN`s intended ambition is to help you not only to find out  information about the car you own, would like to own or are just interested in. We would also like to help every owner or future owner find the information they seek with experienced help from our contributors .  If you are looking for suppliers of parts for instance.

All writer`s and  photographer`s contributions are welcome.

Will you be the next INOPIAN ?