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Jaguar E type 1961-1967 FHC by kev haworth photography

Jaguar E Type XKE Series I 1961 – 1968: Most Beautiful Car Ever Made

About Specs When the Jaguar E-type was unveiled in 1961 Enzo Ferrari famously called it `the most beautiful car ever made`. In truth it probably was. Ferrari could easily have made it but could never have kept the retail price [...]

January 30, 2015 By country of origin, By type, Cars, Coupe/Convertible, E-type XKE, Europe, Jaguar, United Kingdom
Toyota Tundra Endeavour Photo by Mark J. Terrill

10 Best Car Commercials of 2014: The Winners of Automotive Advertising

Super Bowl is usually the best event to see some really great video commercials of all sort. Since we are a car magazine we only selected automotive commercials. These are the finalists of 2014 OneShow’s Advertising competition conducted annually. And [...]

January 27, 2015 Entertainment, Hottest news, Magazine, Videos & Movie Reviews
chevy car prank

Chevy Dealer Frightened to Death After a Test Drive: Car Prank

So this is why car dealers don’t like to let people test drive their new cars. Jeff Gordon masked up as an ordinary buyer was sent to action with a can of Pepsi and a hidden camera. What starts as [...]

January 26, 2015 Entertainment, Magazine, Videos & Movie Reviews
Ogle SX1000 by Pete Edgeler

David Ogle DSC, MBE (1922-1962): Sad Career Of a Creative Designer

David Ogle, DSC and MBE was born in 1922. In 1939 he joined the Fleet Air-Arm of the Royal Navy as a pilot. Ogle flew Supermarine Seafires (the navy`s version of the Spitfire) with distinction in North Africa and the [...]

January 21, 2015 Magazine, People
Lamborghini Huracan crash in Hungary

Lamborghini Huracan Top Speed Test and Crash

How to destroy a Lamborghini Huracan in just few minutes? Easy, just drive it as fast as it will go on a Hungarian motorway. What a shame! Just goes to show that the driver is always the most important component [...]

January 20, 2015 Hottest news, Magazine
Jaguar MKX 1961-1967 by André Ritzinger

Jaguar MK X 1961 – 1967

About Specs The 1961 Earl`s Court Motor Show in London was taken by storm when the Jaguar MK X was unveiled. Bill Lyons and his staff had shrouded the project in tight security. The new model had already been announced [...]

January 20, 2015 By country of origin, By type, Cars, Europe, Jaguar, MK X, Sedan/Saloon, United Kingdom
VW Corrado by Sebastien H

10 Future Classic Cars Under £15.000: How To Spot The Next Classic

It is no secret I am a great BMW lover. So much so, I went to test a BMW 123d Coupe and fell in love with it. So much so that I ended up buying it. Love at first fright! [...]

January 19, 2015 Cars, Hottest news, Magazine
Alpine A110 by Thomas Bersy

Alpine Automobiles (1955-1995): Le Lotus Francais

Founded by Jean Redele in Dieppe, France, after much competition success with Renault-based cars. Alpine had several `signature` features that continued throughout the company`s life. Alpine`s long collaboration with Renault finally led to Renault`s take-over of Alpine in 1974, in [...]

January 16, 2015 Alpine Automobiles, By country of origin, Cars, Europe, France
Panther J72 1972-1981 by Count Rushmore

Panther J72 1972 – 1981

About Specs 1972 saw the launch of the first Panther, the J72. It was a revolution in automotive thinking. Morgan produced traditional style cars but they always had. To begin production in 1972 with a 1936 shape was most unusual. [...]

January 15, 2015 By country of origin, By type, Cars, Coupe/Convertible, Europe, J72, Panther Cars, United Kingdom
Healey Tickford 1950-1954 by Tom Ellis

Healey Tickford 1950 – 1954

About Specs Donald Healey`s last saloon project, the Tickford saloon was named after the Tickford coach building company that designed and built the body-work. Healey was entering the Grand-Tourer market for the first time. The Tickford bore no resemblance to [...]

January 14, 2015 By country of origin, By type, Cars, Coupe/Convertible, Europe, Healey, Sedan/Saloon, Tickford, United Kingdom