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Dancing traffic light

The Dancing Traffic Light: Smart FOR

The Dancing Traffic Light was a way of marketing Smart. It’s message was mainly to the safety of pedestrians. Let’s face it, every time we are standing at a traffic light whether it is in the car or on foot, [...]

September 30, 2014 Entertainment, Magazine, Videos & Movie Reviews
Peerless GT 1957-1960

Peerless GT 1957 – 1960

About Specs Racing car designer Bernie Rodger joined John Gordon and James Byrnes in forming the Peerless company in 1957. They set up home in a factory in Slough, Berkshire. Rodger had a design for a two-door, four seat saloon [...]

September 30, 2014 By country of origin, By type, Cars, Coupe/Convertible, Europe, Peerless GT, United Kingdom

Own your own car brand: Cord trade mark for sale!

Yes you are reading this right. On September 18th 2014 Leake Auction Company announced the sale of the Cord trademark, licensing and manufacturing rights. Cord trademarks will be up for sale until October 22, 2014. If they don’t sell they [...]

September 29, 2014 Hottest news, Magazine
Opel Rekord E1 1977-1982

Opel Rekord E1 1977 – 1983

About Specs In the fall of 1977 Opel unveiled the Rekord E, to replace the successful Rekord D, itself in production since 1972. It was to be produced until ’82 as the Rekord E1, and, with a restyling, as the [...]

September 29, 2014 By country of origin, By type, Cars, Coupe/Convertible, E, Estate/Combi, Europe, Germany, Opel, Rekord, Sedan/Saloon
Daimler Dart SP250 1959-1964 front view

Daimler SP250 Dart 1959 – 1964

About Specs Every young boy has his favourite car poster on the bedroom wall. The Dart was mine. Considering that the year was 1959, the Dart was futuristic and space-age in shape. Daimler, for those who do not know, is [...]

September 26, 2014 By country of origin, By type, Cars, Coupe/Convertible, Daimler, Europe, SP250 Dart, United Kingdom
Honda NSX 1990-2002

Acura (Honda) NSX 1990 – 2005

About Specs In the 1980′s Honda observed Ferrari’s ‘Berlinetta’ styled sports cars and thought they would have a crack at their own. In 1984, Honda asked Pininfarina to style the Honda HP-X or Honda Pininfarina eXperimental. Taking design cues from [...]

September 25, 2014 Acura, Asia, By country of origin, By type, Cars, Coupe/Convertible, Honda, Japan, NSX
Porsche Boxster 987 2005-2007 by PaMa05

Porsche Boxster 987 Series 2005 – 2007

About Specs Often referred to as the Poor man’s Porsche, against the odds the Boxster was a huge success since it’s debut in 1996. Porsche had tried a water-cooled sports-car back in 1976, the 924, which took a very long [...]

September 24, 2014 987, Boxster, By country of origin, By type, Cars, Coupe/Convertible, Europe, Germany, Porsche
Tyre by Craig Sunter

How to check your tyres

How often do you check your tyres? Our guess is: not very often. So do us a favor and when you finish reading this article, watching the video and you will be heading to your motor to set off home, [...]

September 23, 2014 Dirty hands, Magazine
W. O. Bentley

W. O. Bentley 1888 – 1971

Walter Owen Bentley MBE (known universally as W. O.) was the man behind the flying B. Even after bad luck, betrayal and mistreatment he had created something very special, something that would inspire future generation. [...]

September 22, 2014 Magazine, People
TVR Vixen S3 1970-1972

TVR Vixen S3 1970 – 1972

About Specs TVR`s next product was the Vixen, very similar in appearance to the Grantura. It was an excellent sports-car but was plagued by the company`s intrinsic problems. Production numbers were low and unreliable and the finish was Spartan and [...]

September 19, 2014 By country of origin, By type, Cars, Coupe/Convertible, Europe, TVR, United Kingdom, Vixen S3