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10 Future Classic Cars Under £15.000: How To Spot The Next Classic

Phillip Roberts 19. January 2015 Cars, Hottest news, Magazine 1 Comment

It is no secret I am a great BMW lover. So much so, I went to test a BMW 123d Coupe and fell in love with it. So much so that I ended up buying it. Love at first fright! My girlfriend said something very interesting which made me think. She said: “I want to keep this car for a long time because this is a future classic.” I think she may be right… she usually is.

So, I started collecting the cars the Inopian group thinks will become future classics. Here is the list of 10 future classic cars that can be bought under £15.000. One thing I have to tell you though is that there are no supercars. We all know cars like Ferraris, Porsches, Mustangs and others of the kind are born classic. So I hope you will enjoy this interesting list.

1. Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 1987

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth by Steve Glover

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth by Steve Glover

All this started as a project to bring Ford back into the competition arena. The Sierra 2 door shell was chosen for the project because of the low drag-coefficient, cost and availability (2 door saloons had fallen from favour) and the shell being strong and light, all of which was good enough for Cosworth. To avoid confusion it must be stated that the original car was built by Cosworth in a special edition of 500 units. Black or white were the standard colour options. When the `500 Edition` was finished Ford took the production on and `badged` it as the Cosworth Saphire. Ford maintained that it was the same car, the Cosworth `connoscenti` will give you an argument over that.

The engine was a Ford Pinto with Twin Overhead Cams and a Turbocharger producing 204 bhp. These cars are known to be capable of producing 500 bhp in advanced tune. They are less and less visible on the streets and will most definitely be future classics worth a lot of money.

2. Audi S2 1992

Audi S2 by iL TimPo...

Audi S2 by iL TimPo…

We all know the famous Audi Quattro and that it is already a classic. But there was also a later model derived from the Audi 80 in a 3 door coupe version which was quite tasty. I had the privilege of testing an Audi S2 which is the 2.2L 5-cylinder version (227 bhp) with the Quattro system. It had it’s problems and the torque steer was quite hairy but it was cheap and fast. No doubt one day it will be as special as a Triumph TR3 is these days.

3. BMW 8 Series 1989

BMW 8 Series by Christian Junker - AHKGAP

BMW 8 Series by Christian Junker – AHKGAP

Although it looks like a Supercar, it ain’t. It has the looks, it has the engine but still it’s only a Grand-Touring car. The one that is most common is the BMW 850 version. The bits are still available, which is just as well, because reliability is not something they are known for. However, having one for a drive on a nice sunny day would be a lot of fun and eventually a very valuable car to own.

4. Ford Capri MKIII 1978

Ford Capri MK III by pyntofmyld

Ford Capri MK III by pyntofmyld

Designed to look like the European Ford Mustang it sold very well in Britain and Germany. The fact that Bodie and Doyle from The Professionals (TV Series) were chasing criminals in the 3.0S version kept the interest up. Just by looking at it, it gives people the impression of desirability. My mother used to have a blue one with a black vinyl top and she always said it handled like a bag of worms. The Capri loved to go sideways, that’s a fact, but their prices are increasing by the day which predicts it’s future.

5. Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS 1984

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS by r.modys

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS by r.modys

The Monte Carlo SS was produced between 1984 and 1988. Although it was in no way powerful by today’s standards and the fact that American regulations and emission controls have executed 90% of horses, it was, and still is, a car you would call “cool”. Best in black, it looks like something the cool baddy would drive to rob a bank. In the age of negative heroes this is the car to own. They are still cheap enough, making them a good investment.

6. BMW 3 Series E30 1987

BMW 3 series E30 by Jan A.

BMW 3 series E30 by Jan A.

This car was BMW’s revolution in many ways. For instance, the first M3 was the E30, now legendary. This was also BMW’s first diesel-engined car and also the first estate. Nevertheless, this is an amazing car. I used to own one in metallic black with chrome bumpers and Alpine wheels. It drove magnificently and I had a lot of fun with the `tail wagging the dog` in fast corners. I sold it for £900 about 5 years ago. My biggest mistake. I wanted to buy one last year and the prices have gone up to £4.000 in the same condition. So you can see where the prices are heading. My suggestion is the 325i, or the 318is in the two-door coupe forms.

7. SAAB 900 Turbo 1984

SAAB 900 Turbo by Otis Blank

SAAB 900 Turbo by Otis Blank

Forget the SAAB 99 Turbo. That one is already a classic. Built by a Swedish aircraft company, the design may look a bit queer but it was a fabulous car to drive. Also, it doesn’t look like anything else. Having the 2.0L Turbocharged 160 bhp monster makes all the difference. 5 years ago they were still on the road. Today, I don’t know where they are. They can’t be in the scrap yard because they were built like tanks. If you still have one, hold on tight to it. Remember, SAAB is gone now, there won`t be any more of them.

8. VW Corrado 1995

VW Corrado by Sebastien H

VW Corrado by Sebastien H

When launched in 1988 it was basically an update on the VW Scirocco and from distance looked like the contemporary Golf. But once you got close, it was a true sports car. With the 2.9L V6 engine capable of 192 bhp you could feel it on the road too. They didn`t sell very well because they were horribly expensive for their time. Now, you can buy them dirt cheap and are definitely worth the investment to get them straight again.

9. Opel Manta B2 1982

Opel Manta B2 by JOHN LLOYD

Opel Manta B2 by JOHN LLOYD

Just looking at it brings the shivers. As with SAAB 99 forget the Manta A model. If you have an Opel Manta A, good for you. But the Manta B2 model was just as good. It was an updated design making it a 2 door coupe. The engine output wasn’t very exciting with the biggest block, 2.0L only producing just about 100 bhp. But the curb-weight was only a ton. So a power to weight ratio of 100bhp/t is quite good for standard tune. Reliability was a little problematic but what classic car hasn’t got reliability problems?

10. Mercedes Benz 500 SEC 1981

Mercedes Benz 500 SEC by RL GNZLZ

Mercedes Benz 500 SEC by RL GNZLZ

The 500 SEC was an executive coupe full of luxury and comfort. Exactly what we expect from Mercedes- Benz. It was introduced in 1981 and only had a ten year production run. Even with a 5.0L V8 it may not be as quick as you’d think when a 1950’s Jaguar 3.4 could do the same. Still, this wasn’t a car about performance, but more for luxury and comfort. A nice big V8 with the power turned down would make sure your precious buttocks wouldn’t feel a thing.

After looking into the crystal ball we have finished our list of 10 cars under £15.000 believing they will make good classics to own and will be worth a lot of money in the future. One last bit of advice, if you are out shopping to buy one: Stick to coupes and the most powerful engines. They will most certainly be the rarest in the future. Never mind the fuel consumption… feel the power!!

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  1. Alena Roberts 20. January 2015 at 2:42

    I gave away Ford Capri some years ago, damn it! But I still own Mazda 323F (not on your list), would that count? :o) I am into BMWs now too myself, especially the BMW 123d Coupe, but own similar one, great fun, great car! :o) Thanks for the article, another good one!

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