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10 Best Car Desktop Wallpapers by Adam Winstone – Interview

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Aston Martin Rear by Adam Winstone maroon burgundy detail shot wallpaper

Dear readers and Inopians, we have just kicked off our new section with Desktop Wallpapers for you to download. We have picked the ten best pictures taken by 25 year old photographer Adam Winstone from Torquay. Hence his pseudonym on Flickr is ‘Torquayadam’. This young man has a fine touch for recording the beauty of our four-wheel friends with a Canon. To make things even more interesting we have a done an interview with Adam where you can find out some more information directly from the man himself.

1. Nissan GT-R Mouth

Inopian: Your photos are very good and look professional. Did you ever study photography as a subject either in school or a course?

Adam: I have never been on a photography course, either at school or online. I have read up some tips online from various websites which I found by simple Google searches.

Inopian: How long have you been active in photography?

Adam: My Flickr page was started in December 2010 but I didn’t get my first DSLR camera until around mid-2011, which is when I got more active in taking photos.

Inopian: Do you shoot things other than cars? Your favorite?

Adam: I will take photos of anything and everything that interests me. Wildlife can be fun but it’s quite difficult with the lenses I have to get close enough to anything before it runs/flies off. Landscape/scenic photography interests me also.

2. Lotus Racer

Inopian: Where is your favourite venue for a photoshoot? Do you do any indoor shoots?

Adam: I haven’t really done any of my own shoots, except for with my own car for learning and practice but I have thought about what venues suit other cars when I see them in others’ photos. If I were to do shoots I would rather choose a venue that better suits the car itself rather than a location I prefer (whatever that reason may be).

My chances to get photos of more classic/rarer cars are at shows which in the countryside generally means outdoors. Besides, who doesn’t like soaking up some sunshine whilst in the presence of nice cars?

Inopian: Which is your favorite car event and why?

Adam: I go to local car shows providing I have the time and do travel up to the nearest race tracks (around 100/120 miles away) for sprint races and larger action days a few times a year.

My favorite was the Supercar day held in 100% favor of charity. It’s not often you will see a Merc AMG, ex BTCC Civic type R, TVR, Maserati, Ferrari 360 & 458 and kit & drift cars (plus more!) on the same piece of tarmac (in different sessions) driven hard. Not only that, but the chance is there to buy passenger laps in any car. My only regret was not getting some passenger laps myself!

Inopian: Have you ever been to the British Motor Show at NEC or Geneva?

Adam: I have never been to either the British or Geneva motor shows, but the idea of a trip to Geneva to see new and concept cars is bubbling away under the skin. I am sure I would be like a kid in a sweet shop and forget to photograph anything!

3. Prancing Pony

Inopian: How do you get cars for shoots? Like for instance the lovely E30 you have. Was that a friend’s car?

Adam: It was a friend’s car who just happened to have cleaned it and while we were out, stopped to get some photos.

Inopian: Do you ask people if you can take pictures of their cars?

Adam: It has crossed my mind but I don’t feel confident enough to do a single car shoot. I know of a fair few people who show at local car shows so will share any photos I take of their car with them, or their forums if I get any.

4. Aston Martin Dials

Inopian: What car do you drive?

Adam: I drive a BMW e46 320cd (3 series, 2 litre diesel coupe). It’s not a show car, but a nice drive and seems to do everything I ask of it ! It’s great for soothing hours on the motorway and fun on B roads if you want to have fun. It’s the first diesel car I’ve owned.

Inopian: What were your previous cars?

Adam: In order of oldest to most recent:

Azure blue Nissan Micra, Flame red Vauxhall Corsa C sxi, Flame red Vauxhall Astra G 1.6 sxi, WR blue Subaru Impreza STi blob eye with pro-drive goodies, Star silver 3 Vauxhall Astra H 1.8 sri, Star silver 2 Vauxhall Astra g 2.0 sri

5. Renault Megane Fox

Inopian: If you had an unlimited budget, what would be your first choice car to own and why?

Adam: That’s the million dollar question! Practical issues aside, the McLaren P1. Why? Its art in car form when parked, it’s a next generation hybrid car and the way forward. Oh and it looks great in orange!

Inopian: Which drive do you prefer? FWD, RWD or 4×4 and why?

Adam: They all have their plus points in road cars and if they were all in an ‘ordinary’ car I wouldn’t necessarily choose one over another. In a race car, RWD! Who doesn’t like seeing professional drivers struggling to tame truly quick and difficult cars?

6. Lotus Yellow Cab

Inopian: From the cars you have pictures of, which did you have a ride in? And which one caught your attention the most?

Adam: I have obviously driven my own cars but the cars that aren’t mine and I’ve had a ride in are: Lotus Elise (not one in my pictures but one identical), BMW e30 3 series, Porsche Cayman.

The Lotus caught my attention the most, so low to the road and so much grip on semi slicks. Having a tuned engine right behind you screaming and forcing you down the road was an experience of its own!

Inopian: How did the whole photography thing start with you?

Adam: I liked taking photos with my point and shoot camera (which I still have and do sometimes use!) but eventually ‘outgrew’ it by running out of adjustable settings. I then made the step up to DSLR and have just progressed from there.

7. MG for Most Gorgeous

Inopian: What equipment do you use?

Adam: A lot of my photos are taken with a Canon 550d Body and either the 24-105L F4 lens or 70-200 F4 IS USM lens. I have been using a circular polarizer for some of the photos with the 24-105 lens. I have recently upgraded to a Canon 5d Mark II body and am having to get used to the handling and full frame sensor in particular.

Inopian: Do you carry tons of equipment with you when you go to a photoshoot?

Adam: When I go to a show I will generally only take the camera with the wider angle lens I have. If I am going to an action day/track event I take both lenses and the two filters I have so I am covered for track and show photos. I try to avoid carrying more than necessary.

8. Luxury On Wheels

Inopian: Is anyone helping you out?

Adam: A friend helped me out with some of the basic settings when I first started and gives me a couple of tips every now and then with regard to technique but I have got to where I have with reading articles on the net and just keep trying.

Inopian: The pictures are very detailed and the overall effect is stunning. Do you use Photoshop to touch in the last details or is this with the way you set the camera up?

Adam: I use Adobe Lightroom to process the raw files from the camera, but I also use it to edit the photos if I want to. I don’t normally do any airbrushing/touchup in Photoshop as I like my photos to be realistic/true to life.

9. The Saint

Inopian: What would be your dream job?

Adam: I think my dream job would be Charlie Whiting’s (F1 race director). It must be a lot of fun traveling the world to oversee the races.

Inopian: What other things do you like doing apart from shooting pictures?

Adam: I like casual walks in decent weather, playing on the xbox but my favorite thing to do is play golf. I try and play most weekends so balancing car shows with golf in the summer can get a bit fiddly.

10. Boot Lid Everyone Wants

Adam is forever looking for interesting cars to shoot and we can guarantee the quality of his work, so don’t hesitate to write to Torquayadam on Flickr and set up a photoshoot of your own four-wheel baby.

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